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Register for Branson PM MOPS, MOPS Int'l, and Scholarships all on one form!

A MOPS "year" is September to May.

All About Registration

All members of Branson PM MOPS will be registered with our local group and with MOPS International. Read all the way to the bottom...

Why do I need to pay Branson PM MOPS?

Your meeting fee for Branson PM MOPS goes to cover operating expenses, childcare, events, and allows us to support our moms spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes financially.

Your first meeting is always free! Come check everything out and then make your plan. We do ask that go ahead and fill out the Branson PM MOPS registration form before your first meeting. This way we'll know you're coming! We will have time to place you in the best small group for you, and it will make your check in process much faster.

What is a MOPS Int'l membership and why does matter?

Membership = an invitation into the mother of all mom movements

From MOPS International: "Here at MOPS, we gather and support moms. We believe in the simple but revolutionary idea that remarkable things happen when moms come together, face to face. That’s why we rally women to come together in their own neighborhoods and help each other through this thing called motherhood, one gathering at a time."

If you’re wondering why you would want to become a MOPS member, here’s the reason: because MOPS membership is not just about what you get (although you’ll ♥ that, too) – it’s about what you get to be a part of. Each and every membership is the very thing that fuels MOPS and the 4,000+ groups that are meeting around the world (in more than 65 countries).

With MOPS Membership, you’ll get access to a global sisterhood of moms where you’ll create life-long friendships, find answers to your most pressing motherhood questions, and develop confidence in all areas of your life.

This year your MOPS International membership will include:

  • Access to all Digital Series by MOPS International

  • Comeback Tour Digital Workbook

  • Access to Mama Meetups - meaningful online communities for moms

  • Quarterly print Magazine subscription

  • Access to local, in-person MOPS groups

  • Bi-monthly encouraging texts

  • Monthly Virtual Prayer Gathering

  • Tuition discount up to 30% at Colorado Christian University

When you register with Branson PM MOPS we will register you for your MOPS International membership.

Break it down for me...

Branson PM MOPS = $45/year (our year is September - May)

You can either:

  • Pay $5 per meeting as you check in.

  • Pay a few months at a time.

  • Pay $45 up front for the whole year.

MOPS International = $32/year

When you first sign up with Branson PM MOPS you will be asked to pay the $32 International fee.

Total per Year = $77

Full and partial scholarships are available. Scholarship questions are at the end of our Registration Form (link at the top of this page).

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